Posted 8 months ago

Before baseball season ends, I figure I better get caught up on some of my scans.  I am a couple months behind, but still kicking on the Camera of the Month project.  I figure I have a few more jewel’s in the boxes in the office so I might keep the Camera of the Month thing going for a little while longer.  I am currently on camera #12, which brings it to a year without a battery.  I will however need to start shooting with some cameras that do take batteries.  Hopefully I get some time this weekend to develop the rest of September and some of October.  

Posted 9 months ago

This little guy is the oldest camera in my collection. A Voigtlander Brillant Twin Lens Reflex made in the late 30’s. This is a piece of history as much as a camera. When I shoot with a camera this old, I often like to think about what this camera has seen. I mean come on, a camera made in the late 30’s in Germany. Who knows what this camera has been through? Not to mention the historic photographs snapped through this thing. This is the oldest camera in my collection and I am honored to have been one of the images recorded through this little black box.

Posted 10 months ago

I’m a couple months behind with posting photos, but I have still been sticking to my “Camera of the Month”.  In August I dusted off an Argus C44 that looks an awful lot like a Leica. This is probably the clunkiest, loudest and roughest camera I have used, but I was pretty happy with the results. In some ways it is like comparing a Chrysler to a Mercedes.  Both camera’s will get you from point A to point B, but overalI, one is a Leica and one is an Argus.  Nothing against Michigan cars or cameras.  (The Argus C44 was made in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1956).  I was quite impressed with this little guy and even though it is not a Leica, there are a lot of people out there who could up their photography street credit by dumping the digital and picking up one of these bad boys. It is still a film shooting rangefinder after all.

Posted 11 months ago

I met Kristine while walking around Atlanta a couple weeks ago. I saw her sitting there with that big backpack and just had to find out her story. She was traveling from Portland to Boston all by herself. Her mode of travel…couch-surfing and ride-sharing the entire way. I will admit that I was a little taken back when she told me this. I was a little worried for her safety and mad jealous at the same time. I was extremely glad that she emailed me when her journey was over and told me she had a safe & great trip. I can only imagine what her trip was like and some of the people she met along the way. Oh and BTW, she shot film to document the whole trip…

Posted 12 months ago

Here’s a pic of my dad that I took while down in Florida a couple days before he had surgery to remove the glioblastoma from his head. I definitely think that I use photography as a comfort because even with everything happening it still feels pretty darn good shooting film through these old cameras.

Posted 12 months ago

With everything that went on with my dad throughout the end of June, my Kodak Hawkeye experience was cut a little short. I truly did love shooting with that little piece of history and still managed to shoot off a few decent rolls of film. Even with age, Hawkeye’s are still good cameras that are pretty easy and fun to shoot with. You never really know what you are going to end up with until you see your negatives come out of the tank. I know plastic cameras have a huge following and I think they’re fun, but I am also glad to be back to a solid camera like the one I have been shooting in July…This is a pic of the Camera Doctor holding my Rollei 2.8F that was picked up at a garage sale for $5 and completely CLA’d.  The Camera Doctor told me that this was the second worst Rollei that he has ever fixed up and I must say that he did a heck of a job.

Posted 1 year ago

One minute you’re shooting film for fun with an old Kodak Brownie Hawkeye and the next minute you get a call that your dad had a stroke. Then you come to find out it wasn’t a stroke at all, it’s a large and aggressive tumor in his brain. Suddenly your life gets serious and you turn to the one camera you know you need for a blow like this, the Leica M3. This camera is as much of a safety blanket to me as it is a camera and it hasn’t left my side throughout the last month of emotion. Now I look at all the film I’ve already shot and have no idea if I should develop it as I go throughout this new journey, or wait and develop it all in a year or two? Of course I will continue shooting at least one roll of film through a different camera to keep my COTM going, but my M3 just became the most important camera I own. 2013 sure has been an interesting year to pick up film again…

Posted 1 year ago

I happened to be in Rochester, NY, so I had to stop by this place for a pic.  Especially since I am using a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye as my COTM this month.  Someday I would like to enter the actual building as well…

Posted 1 year ago

This is Vincent.  It was his 62nd Birthday when I met him outside of this little coffee shop in Manitou Springs.  Vincent is from Rapid City, South Dakota and was a great guy to sit and have a little chat with.  

Posted 1 year ago

A few weeks ago I posted a 6x9 image I snapped with my Zeiss Ikon of a cowboy we met on I-25 south of Pueblo, CO. Here are the shots I got with my Leica M3. This guy’s name is Pat Schumacher and the horse is named Dylan. The little pug on his back is named Buford. He was heading up to Castle Rock, Colorado for work and had started his journey somewhere in Alabama.